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I have been trying to fix a friend's old Deluxe Memory Man for a few months, with no luck. Finally, after replacing a number of things in the power supply, I learned that the reason I wasn't getting any power to the chips was because the bridge rectifier (one of those little button-like things with 4 diodes inside) was pooched. Replaced it with one I had in the drawer, cannibalized from something else long ago, and it fired up nicely.

Tweaked most of the trimmers to get the clearest sound and best balance between wet and dry, and replaced the slide switch for chorus/vibrato, and we were good to go.

I am SOOO happy to get this off the bench. Next big challenge is the Micro-Synth, belonging to the same guy, with a slight detour once my Small Bear order comes in. There is a Korg Mr.Multi that needs a gear on the foot-controlled pot so that it can be foot-controlled. Looking forward to being able to work the speed and also the "double wah".

Who knows, I may well be able to finish the PAiA Hyperflange this year, which was one of my resolutions!
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