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...and drilled out the holes in my guitar for the bridge and tailpiece studs and the bridge groundwire! I haven't pushed the studs all the way into the guitar yet (won't do so until final assembly), but as far as I did push them in the bridge and tailpiece seem to fit and I'm pretty sure I had the holes marked up for center and scale lenth properly.
Now all I have to do is finish sand, stain and clear the body, then assemble, but I have a question. The body is made of northern ash, and I have been advised to fill the grain first before staining. I plan to stain it black (rubbed out so the grain shows), so what is the procedure? Is it fill first, then stain, then clear? I was told the best thing to do was to use black wood filler then sand it and stain, but I just want to find out if anyone here has done this by any other methods I should consider. Thanx to anyone who cares to help me out here!
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