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Spikezone said:
Is it fill first, then stain, then clear?
Yes thats right. The paste wood fillers are available in any colours just like staions (well, at least from the place I buy my finishing supplies, John E Goudey's in Toronto) so use the black, let it dry overnight and then stain, let it dry and then go with the sealer/top coats. Just remember if you are trying to build up enough finish to rub out for a high gloss you will need to spray LIGHT coats and maybe two a day at most, let it build up slowly allowing the finish to dry fully. If you build it up too much too fast you will never allow the undercoats to fully cure, and have problems.

Unless of course you are using a two component catalyzed finish like I do. Even then you have to wait a few hours between coats and it takes me about two days to build up enough lacquer on a bady to do a decent rub out.

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