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Had the HB size P90s installed, new pickguard (the previous one looked like it was used as a cat scratching post), shielded, a cap and resister added to the volume pot to maintain the highs when it is rolled off,... and set up. Pickups are A2 - 9.3 /8.2k. Middle is RWRP. Work done my Gavin at the Acoustic Music Shop.

Came home and plugged it and...........WTF !?!?!

I should have replaced the tone pot with a 250k and .047 uf cap. After all, it is a single coil. I had left the 500k and .033 cap in. It was all treble from 10 to 4 or 5 (at least to my ear)and then 50% of the tone roll down from from 2 to 1. I am the type of guy who likes using Clapton woman tone some times and most of the time, I have the tone pot rolled off to some degree. I also had to tweak the amp EQ a fair bit. Finally found the sweet spot, with the tone at 1.5. With Fender clean setting, middle position, it almost almost has a piano quality. Works very well with V-Stack Tweedy adding some dirt

Read up on this AFTER I picked up the guitar. 500k volume and 250k tone with .047uf cap seems right Will take it back some time to get the pot and cap replaced when next month's disposable income kicks in.
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