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Ok, i just ordered a Lovepedal Karl from a guy on the Gear Page, which should conclude my mucking around with my pedalboard!

I'm quite excited about this, because i'm damn happy with my setup right now, and its about time that I am since its been a long work in progress.

The signal path goes:

Goudie Compressor > StroboStomp > TIM > (Soon to be) Karl > Tremolescence > Lovepedal Vibe > Nova Delay > Fix My Duck

The ONLY thing I might want to add (if I have room on my tiny pedalboard that is already overflowing), is a Radical Red Reverberator from Dr Scientist... howevr, i just cant bring myself to paying that much cash for a Reverb pedal.

Has anyone used the Karl? Every sound clip I hear sounds amazing, and i'm so excited to get the pedal, its quite ridiculous.
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