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Fernandes Sustainer System

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Does anyone own a Fernandes with the Sustainer system in it? Just wondering if the claims made are true.
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Hamer Sustainiac

I own a Hamer Chaparral with a sustainiac and love it. Three modes of harmonics.....but mine takes 2 nine volt batteries instead of the one that the F Sustainer. With a volume pedal I can do realistic string (violin, cello type sounds)
and the great thing is you can simulate loud feedback at super low volume.............great on clean guitar too. I am planning to install one on my Charvel so I'll keep you posted

A friend of mine had a Fernandes with a sustainer. I got to use it a lot. It's very cool but the system Rippinglickfest is using is better IMOH. Sustainiac has been around for a long time and if you listen to the owners story you will find out about the hard nocks of the biz. I remember when he was getting started up again I corrisponded with him for a while... nice guy.

Anyways back to the sustainer. I currently do not own a guitar with a Pick Up style sustainer. I do own what I believe is a very cool device in it's own right. The EBOW Performs in a very similar way to a sustainer. I have the newer version with the added "octave" feature. The main difference is that you have control over the placement of the Ebow along the string and therefore control over the placement of the Ebow within the magnetic field of the Pick Up . It is a hand held unit that in a very similar way excites the string causing it to vibrate either on the fundamental or the octave... and with variation in attack and volumn... very cool. You cannot however play an entire chord or more that one string at a time with the Ebow I own. It is a very good trade off though because the Ebow ends up being a very expressive tool.

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Some good stuff here. I was not very familiar with these sustainor systems, which is why I asked in the first place. Appreciate the input. Did not know about these other systems either. Will look into them though.
I just crank the amp to eleven :tongue: :rockon2:
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