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Guitar strings, like guitars themselves are a matter of personal preference. In fact, the similarities between string brands/types vastly outweight the differences. With the exception of boutique string makers like John Pearse, most guitar strings come out of three or four factories that manufacter strings for many different brands.

Fender Bullets are a unique marketing concept, but I doubt that they offer a measurable performance improvement over conventional ended strings.

My preference for Fender guitars are Elixer Nano Web (electric), .10.'s They last a good long time and have a nice warm, punchy tone. In conventional strings, my next choice is usually GHS Boomers or D'Adario's, both of which come out of the GHS factory, I believe.

You should experiment with different brands, but always stick with the gauge set that was used in the last setup of your guitar. Sometimes you can go one gauge higher or lower without affecting intonation and neck relief, but sticking with the same gauge set is a better choice.

With the exception of the coated strings, I don't find much difference from brand to brand, especially once they have worn in a bit.

1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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