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Hey all, i'm a newbie on this forum, it looks like a cool place...

I've owned my Shoreline Gold w/ Stripe JM Strat for about 8 weeks now.

I've been looking for the prefect rosewood strat for a while now. I bought an SRV and later an AV '62RI... but it still wasn't doinging it for me. I had always said to myself, I wish I could put my SRV and ’62 in a blender and that would be the perfect strat.

Well this is it! The neck is chunky, but not as big as the SRV, but way bigger than a 62RI. It’s smooth and fast and plays like a dream. The African rosewood is a joy to play and has a nice light and dark grain pattern. I wasn’t sure about the jumbo frets. My SRV had them and I didn’t think I wanted them again. Turns out I love them. They fit well on this neck and plays real well too.. bending is much easier (I may even go up in string gage). I wanted a Nitro body, I love the way it ages. This finish is Poly. I guess it is more durable and will stay newer looking longer… I can live with that. The stripes over the Shoreline gold looks great. A very unique finish... and they may be pretty rare in these parts. L&M said that they will not be getting anymore in this color, only 3 tone burst. They have a few more at the where house but can not order from the system. Hope I never see another one like it in BC : )
Now for the heart and soul of this guitar. The pick ups. Fender and JM did an outstanding job on these. They are incredible. Sounds like a mix of SRV and Robert Cray... but the neck pup is all Jimi. Finally I’m a step closer to that amazing clean neck tone Jimi got (think Midnight Lightning to Wind Cries Mary to Castles Made of Sand). They have the authority of Texas Specials, but so much more complexity, sweetness and character. I hate to say this but if you want to know what this guitar sounds like, listen to JM’s new CD Try!. Many of those sweet strat tones can be found in this guitar.

Now I didn’t buy this to sound like JM… but I have no objections getting a similar tone to what he gets. The 5 trem springs and flush trem give added sustain and tuning suability, I can bend forever and still hit a low E without losing pitch. One other cool feature is NO sig on the front of the headstock. Very cool, looks like a classic strat should.

This guitar is essentially a 60’s style vintage strat, with some nice modern enhancements. Bottom line is this guitar a real player. Up until now, my #1 guitar has been my AMS 50th Anni modal strat... but now i'm not so sure... i can't stop planing my JM.

Anyways that's all for now!
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