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Agreed, but the 5150 III's gonna have it's own fanbase ya know. The same guys that get the classic EVH superstrat with the 5150 paintjob and all that will want this amp. Die hard EVH fans aren't gonna spend their couple of grand on a Cornford, a Kingsley, a Mojave, a Fuchs, a Bad Cat, a Matchless or whatever. They're gonna buy a 5150 III. Same goes for any other signature gear, there's people who actually want the stuff. I personally would much rather get a PTP wired boutique amp with that kind of money.
I couldn't agree more. For that kind of money I would much rather get a kingsley d30 or a used soldano slo100 or something. For that much money possiblities are pretty much endless...
1 - 1 of 35 Posts
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