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Well folks, after a year of tweaking and experimenting with various Pod XT Live plus Solid State Amp configurations, I finally came to the conclusion that you all knew I would come to; that tubes are the only way to get good vintage tone. If anyone wants to say "I told you so", I'll take my licks like a man.

I should say that my solid state Pod rig sounds great for several more modern applications and I still use it frequently. However, the holy grail for me has always been that warm, punchy clean fender tone.

So, I bought a tweed covered Fender Blues Deluxe, 1990's, made in USA (not the re-issue). The tone and dynamics are just want I wanted, but the amp has some audible artifacts that concern me.

There is some background noise, but not so much as to interfer with a performance situation. What concerns me more is a kind of "fizzle" that I hear when playing a loud chord. Just after the attack, there is a kind of fizzle that goes on until the sound decays a bit. It too is not really all that audible in performance, but I'm concerned that I might be looking at some failing caps or something like that.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I should be looking for, or for that matter, a good Tube Amp tech in the 905?



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Could be power tube issues. Especially if it's had the same tubes in it since it was new, which is a possibility.

If you know a good tech, you should just take the amp in for a 'check-up'. I do that with every new tube amp I buy, even if it doesn't appear to have issues.

Those are a great amp. My buddy has the same one. He bought it new back in the 90's. He's gigged the heck out of it since then. The only problem he ever had was when he spilled a beer in it.
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