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I have plenty. To keep the list reasonable, I suggest 6 favorites if you can help it.

- Billy Gibbons on Cheap Sunglasses, love, love the down, dirty and funky on this.
- Donald Roeser (Blue Oyster Cult) on Don't Turn Your Back, just pure fluid.
- Jimmy Page on pretty much anything but favs are Whole Lotta Love & Achilles Last Stand.
- Jack White, particularly on Icky Thump.
- Bonnie Raitt, just amazing slide guitar overall but in particular for me in Something to Talk About.
- Ry Cooder (Little Village stint) She Runs Hot.

ad infinitum.

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well, you DID post some good ones, no question about it. although of all the good bonnie raitt stuff, i'm surprised you picked that one.
there aren't many songs (with or without guitar) that are as cool as this one


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Martin Barre Aqualung...double dip riff and solo!
Steve Howe's riffs in Siberian Khatru.
Jimmy Page's solo on What is and What Should Never Be.
David Gilmour's Time solo.
Eric Johnson intro Cliffs of Dover.
Alex Lifeson's Limelight riff and solo.

Impossible task...would be fun to do a March Madness top 64 bracket style vote Off!
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Solo and riff in one tasty package! "My Sharona" by the Knack
Another good riff: "Lola" by the Kinks.

Looks like my above two choices follow some unintentional themes: the songs are girl's names, the band names each have the letter k twice, both were spoofed by Weird Al. What more could you want?

Oh and the "Seven Nation Army" riff by the White Stripes and the "Stairway to Heaven" solo by Jimmy Page.
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