For lovers of all things Marshall, specifically JCM800s, look no further! Ben makes an array of elegantly appointed but beastly sounding amps and this is no exception. This is the 25 watt version with two EL34 power tubes and three 12AX7s preamps. At the heart of this amp is the “Decade” switch which has three positions to mimic the tone stack of three Marshall eras of old(e). Vintage Guitar describes it better than I can so here you go:

“Our curiosity piqued, we set the Volume and Master low and the tone controls straight up. As we hoped, with the Decade switch set to “’60s,” the amp behaved like a plexi-panel Marshall, exhibiting full bass and plenty of mids, as well as the characteristic brightness you expect in amps from that era; it went from warm and mostly clean to crunchier Hendrix and Clapton tones with a few simple tweaks of the tone, Volume, and Master Volume controls. Turning the Decade switch to the “’70s” setting tightened low-end response, lessened brightness, and gave a bit more headroom. Here, the 335’s neck pickup rendered a nice Dickey-Betts-style clean with a bit of hair – turn up the Decade control for dirty, feedback-enhanced sustain (a little “Ramblin’ Man,” anyone?).

Turning the Decade switch to “’80s” produced much more gain; hard rock and metal tones became more prevalent, with a nice percussive pick attack that beautifully accentuated palm-muting techniques. In fact, we marveled at the variation of tones we could get from this, a non-modeling amp.”

$3k for the head and custom Fargen widebody cab (1x12 warehouse green beret speaker).

Located in London ON, possibly willing to go some face to face in the South Western Ontario area. Shipping possible but it’ll cost ya.

TRADES: A few trades I would be open to: Tone King Imperial, 57 Custom Deluxe, 64 Custom Deluxe or Princeton, Chris Stapleton Princeton, (most handwired Fender amps). +/- cash as needed

Great demo here:

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