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PLUS! BONUS 5% Off Exclusively For GC Members
( use code: GCFAMILY )
In special appreciation for all the support we receive from our GC family members, we're offering a BONUS 5% off of the already discounted sale prices. To claim your bonus discount, you MUST use the coupon code "GCFAMILY" at checkout. We are unable to add it if you've already completed your order.
PRODUCT FEATURE: Premium Canadian Maple Fingerboard Blanks
Plain, quartersawn, birdseye, and curly maple fingerboard blanks in every grade from 3A up to Master grade. Available kiln dried or roasted/torrefied/caramelized. All of our blanks use wood that is sustainably sourced right here in Canada!

Other Awesome New Additions To Our Catalog
  • For Pedal Makers
    • Thick Lead 1/4W Resistors - The previous MINI resistors with the thinner leads are being sold off on clearance and discontinued, since they are being permanently replaced by these superior resistors.
    • Premium DC Jacks, Footswitches, and More - They may look "generic", but they are made to a higher manufacturing standard of materials and consistency. If you want professional results, you'll want these professional parts!
    • Hammond 1590TRXX - Short and Long trapezoidal enclosures. Available in plain/unfinished and black powdercoated.
    • Multi-colour LEDs (common cathode) - Red/Green and Red/Green/Blue.
    • New diodes, transistors, and ICs are being added to inventory on a regular basis. Recent additions include: 1N5817, MPSA13, 2N7000, and LM386.
  • For Amp/Cab/Pedalboard Makers
Have an awesome weekend!
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