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Funeral/new guitar day.
I have been looking for a budget hollowbody for a while but couldn't justify the scratch cause my les Paul can do a decent enough jazzy sound on the neck pickup for how good I play jazz.
Yesterday I took the day off of work and went to a funeral for my girlfriend's uncle. I never met the man but apparently he was a cutup who loved horror movies. Sounded like my type of guy, wish I could have had the chance to shoot the shit about seeing Jaws and Alien at the theatre in the 70's with him.
On the way there I mentioned that I had been eyeballing a guitar that the seller had just dropped the price from 395-325. Since we were driving right past there to and from the funeral, I was thinking about stopping by on the way back and checking it out. When we left the funeral she told me to stop at an ATM. She took 325 bucks out and told me she was buying that guitar for me on the way home. This ones a keeper, both the guitar and the girl haha.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts