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Well, I went and got one of these. The price was too good to pass up. I've had the MXR Reissue (excellent flanger by the way), and an original (also excellent, but not quite there with my setup for some reason). The EVH Flanger is great! I had it at rehearsal the other night, and I couldn't stop using it. I'm sure my band mates will get sick of it soon enough. With the EVH switch (which does nail the Unchained flanger sound!), you essentially can have 2 flanger settings. Tripping the EVH switch with your foot is a little tricky, but it can be done, so you can change your settings within a song. I have it set up normally for an almost chorus-y/phaser sound that I use on some leads and it sounds excellent, and when I want to sound crazy, I'll trip the magical EVH switch. Now, from my memory of the reissue I had, this one does also sound better. A little warmer, yet more in your face with good amp distortion. I've read somewhere that the circuitry is a little different on the EVH one. They're trying to emulate the BBD from the original. The reissue is still a great pedal, but was a little more sterile sounding than the EVH. So, overall, it's a keeper for me. Over and Out.:rockon:
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