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I have the head. Love it. Only problem is the volume jump on the clean to blue channel when used low volume. Its less of a liability at rehearsal/gig volumes. Regardless, I plan to mod it with new dual pots to have independent gain and volume knobs for the clean/crunch channel. Kind of like dual pots you'll find on a bass guitar eq, easy to do.

Other than that, fx loop is great, tone is great, you get fender clean to killer high gain very easily, foot switch is great. I barely use any pedals anymore and talking about it wants me to fire it up a 7am.

Im probably going to grab the 2x12 cab for it. Its fine through my 1960b, but I know it will sound awesome, be more portable, and have the tilt back hardware with a 212.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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