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coyoteblue said:
It seems silly to ask a sales person every time you take a guitar off the rack. We're old enough to drive or go to Afghanistan but not to take a guitar off the rack? This would discourage me from going to a guitar store. Do you really want someone following you around the store as you check out the guitars? This suggestion makes sense for really expensive guitars but for 90% of them, why? The fun of guitar shopping is trying out as many as you can as you make your choice. Having to ask a clerk to get you each one would be a serious drag. Sounds a bit anal to me.

I agree as well. I can't stand when some shop dick is following me around the store. I know what I want so get the hell off of my back. Everytime I go to steves on queen in T.O someone has an amp kranked and it's annoying.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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