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ESP MH-400 is the price right?

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Hi, heres the situation I have decided that I am going to purchase a ESP MH-400 because after I took for a test drive I fell in love with it, The only problem is im not sure if my local music store (meanaxmusic) is selling it for a fare price. It is $950 ($1082.99 after tax) now I have seen simular prices everywhere online but im still not sure if this right because it has a licensed floyd rose and not a original.
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Wow, what's up with lamusic, some of their stuff is priced ridiculously...
Same guitar can be had at axemusic for about $120 cheaper... Not to mention that Lamusic has a lowest price guaranteed policy...what a bunch of hypocrits:zzz:
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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