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I've been thinking of getting an ESP LTD AX 250. Its a bolt on and its 25.5" scale so Id be able to put my nice Wizard neck on for an odd change. I noticed something on their site about an ultra thin flat neck of some sort and maybe I can get that instead. Not only would it look better it woud......well..look better. Oh yeah, I get to keep my RG 560 (but Im selling it to buy the guitar so WTF). I can get it new for 770 but Im wondering if anyone knows someone with one of these and they want something else. Pickups dont matter since I know a guy that has a tone zone and air norton and he's gonna sell the pair for 80 US. I gotta say, Tune-O-Matic bridge that has the string through system?. YUM! This thing sustained for pretty much a minute when picked. Great guitar.

So any thoughts about any of that?
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