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So the story was gonna get a fishbone lespaul for modding it would was $225 before taxes and shipping a grand total of $276 . Still cheap but my friend said a new guitar that cheap is most likely complete crap and he went searching Kijiji. For me and found a good deal on a used Epiphone lespaul standard plain top for only an extra$50 .I honestly was looking at the Epiphone a couple months ago and thought it would have sold . The fella with the lespaul should be bringing it to me on Friday . I find it absolutely discusting that a plain old Jane lp standard is now almost $700 new after taxes so for $325 I'm good

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In my opinion, you are making a wise, logical and practical decision.

You have a very good friend who is helping you with this.

Congrats and enjoy your new guitar!


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