Listing my '60s (1964 by transformer dating) Epiphone EA-33RVT Galaxie amp. Basically a Epiphone branded Gibson GA-17RVT Scout.

Far from cosmetically perfect, but functions fully as it should.

Speaker has been upgraded to a Weber Blue Dog.

SImple controls for Loudness, Reverb volume, Tremolo speed and on/of switch. Reverb and trem are strong and sound great.

Local pickup/meetup would be preferred but will ship at cost.

Brown Rectangle Wood Basket Luggage and bags

Gas Audio equipment Electronic device Font Metal

Rectangle Camera lens Audio equipment Gas Wood

Motor vehicle Fixture Gas Electrical wiring Auto part

Audio equipment Electrical wiring Gas Motor vehicle Auto part

Wood Audio equipment Gas Pattern Flooring

Bag Sleeve Collar Luggage and bags Denim

Motor vehicle Light Electrical wiring Gas Auto part