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Got some pedals here for sale or trade. All pedals come with their original box unless otherwise specified. All in proper working order and can be shipped at buyers expense.

Empress Tremolo: sold
Cusack Screamer: Sold
Petty John ROUS w/ Inconceivable Mod: Sold
Diamond Compressor: sold
DOD Edge: (no box) Sold
Xotic RC Booster: Sold

Trade interests include (+ / - cash): Scumback M65 65w 16ohm, Subdecay Liquid Sunshine v2, Seafoam Lowtide, String Theory EFX KE/64, Blammo! Voltage Booster, Tru-fi overdriver, Deep Trip BOG, Fender Custom Shop Handwound Wildwood WW 10 Twisted Tele neck and tele 63 bridge, bogner shiva size 2x12 cab (or the like), David Allen Encore, Dr. Z 2x10 cab, Union Tube Tone Druid, Catalinbread 5f6 / Keeley Red Dirt & katana boost / phat mod, Diamond Cornerstone, JFET based low gain pedals, analogman modded tube screamers, Cornerstone Antique, CKK Honey Jar (will consider other tube screamer types), Browne Protein, Hudson Broadcast (2 switch unit), Nobels style pedals (Nordland, etc.), Cioks DC7 (or the like) pedal boards.


Let me know if you have questions or want to see a specific pic.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts