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Elvis tribute artist loses replica guitar to thief

Elvis tribute artist loses replica guitar to thief
Mike Bravener saddened by the theft of a guitar just like one Elvis Presley once played
By Maria Jose Burgos, CBC News Posted: Aug 06, 2017 8:00 AM AT Last Updated: Aug 06, 2017 8:00 AM AT

Local musician and Elvis impersonator Mike Bravener's guitar had been signed by D.J. Fontana, Elvis Presley's drummer. (Mike Bravener)

Mike Bravener's guitar, a replica of one Elvis Presley played during a special concert, was stolen a month ago, but the Fredericton musician hasn't given up hope someone will find it, perhaps a fellow New Brunswicker.

The Elvis tribute artist said the theft was heartbreaking because he had so many great moments with the guitar.

"Memories I will cherish forever," he said.

Bravener's son Josh borrowed the Epiphone AJ 200 guitar to take on tour with his band in Ontario.

Josh left the guitar with other band equipment at a brother's apartment, and it was gone the next day.

Mike Bravener says the guitar that was stolen has given him countless memories. (Mike Bravener)

"This past Tuesday, he said, 'Dad, it has been stolen, and I filed a report with the police. We are going to find this thing.'"

'I just want it back'
Back in 2008, Bravener worked with D.J. Fontana, Elvis's original drummer, and hosted shows in Fredericton, Miramichi and Saint John, where he played this guitar.

"We sang the songs that made Elvis famous in the '80s."

The acoustic jumbo guitar had D.J. Fontana's signature on it.

"I hope whoever took it doesn't say, 'This is an identifying mark,' and rub that signature off because I doubt I'd get another signature from him on that guitar again unless some miracle happens."

Bravener doesn't blame his son, whom he described as responsible.

"Folks all over New Brunswick, just keep your eyes open," he said. "When you find it let us know. I just want it back. Whoever took it you can say it was an accident. I won't do anything other than say thank you."
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