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Does anyone have knowledge/experience on dual outputs on an electric/acoustic guitar? (Even aftermarket if you've had multiple p/u's installed)
I have an EJ 200 CE/VS I use live, and travel. It's a jumbo, but it's great for travel cause everything (else I need) fits in the case, and due to it's "jumbo-ness", everyone can here me around the campfire.

Epiphone - EJ-200 Super Jumbo Acoustic/Electric - Vintage Sunburst

It has dual outputs for a PA/acoustic amp, a "Nano-Mag"(under-saddle) and a "Nano-Flex" (magnet at the end of the fingerboard). The "standard" is to run a single patch out of the "stereo" output located at the strap button and use the on-board slider to blend. Ran this way, you can run 50/50 or bring in/out either one as preferred. It has OK, tone, but it's more about functional than pleasurable.

There is another 1/4" output a few inches below the strap button, and it's for "mono". If I were to run both, I'd need a second patch, and "tone-blender" of some sort. Probably something like:

Tonebone Mix-Blender™

Can anyone shed light on this being "better"? I'm kinda curious if adding a $200 mixer/blender is going to pay off in sound quality, or I'm just throwing good money after bad?? I'm guessing it has to be at least marginally better, otherwise it doesn't make sense even including it, but, I'd still be mixing the same p/u's.

Thanks in advance.
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