Dr. Z Brake-Lite Stand Alone 45-watt Attenuator

Crank Up Without Cranking Out!!!

The standalone Dr. Z Brake-Lite SA Attenuator lets you crank up to your amp's sweet spot while enjoying bedroom audio levels. It's a great option for practice, performance, or recording, especially in close quarters and on low-noise stages. Here's how it works: insert the Brake-Lite SA between your amp and speakers. A 5-way attenuator dials back your amp's output level without adding to or taking away from its natural tone, with setting "0" taking it out of the loop completely. Parallel outputs let you run multiple cabs with ease. And when you're finished, just toss the Brake-Lite SA into a gig bag for safekeeping.

Take it from Sweetwater: whether you're playing clubs or kicking back at home, when sound levels become an issue, you'll be glad you invested in a Dr. Z Brake-Lite Attenuator.

Dr. Z Amplification Brake-Lite Attenuator Features: Dial's back your amp's output without sacrificing tone Enjoy your amp fully open at bedroom levels Perfect for practice, performance, or recording 5 levels of attenuation, "0" being bypassed Compatible with any tube amp up to 45 watts Accepts 4-, 8-, or 16-ohm loads

Selling for $550.00 + taxes = $616.00 @ Long & McQuade

Asking $375. + S&H from Winnipeg