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Dot on Shaft Pedals???

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Anyone tried one of these? I noticed their phaser on ebay but I cannot find any samples or reviews on the net.

The price is right, but I have a feeling there is a reason they are so cheap.

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jroberts said:
I bought one of their analog delays off of E-Bay for about $35. The build quality is really good. Very solid metal casing. Nice and heavy. The sound? Not so great. There is a distinct metallic ringing sound in the repeats. For $35 I didn't really expect it to sound that great, though. I just bought it as a project, to rip it open, mess around with and mod. Hell, the casing is probably worth $35. Maybe I'll build myself an overdrive or fuzz or something and put it in that case.

The guy who runs the company is really nice. He shipped quickly, packed well, followed up to make sure I got it, and included a free set of Dot on Shaft strings. I almost feel bad for him that it doesn't sound that great. I hope he does well, but it won't be on the strength of the sound quality of that delay pedal.

Had exactly the same thing happen to me. I also bought the delay & altho' the price was great, it didn't do it for me & I kept my Danecho instead (for now). I actually sold it to my bass player & didn't lose any money luckily.
These are Chinese knockoffs & unfortunately sound as cheap as they cost.

Mike is a really good guy to deal with & the guitars he also sells look really nice & are getting pretty good reviews but I just can't get past the made in China thing.
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