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The Worse the Better

THank You for the compliment. It does have a bad tone to it don't it? People make fun of it all day, but at the end of the day, people are talking about it and have a good chuckle. Did over 300K in first year of business. Sold over 700 Guitars since January 2006.

“The Dot On Shaft name is incredibly significant to me because it represents principles that are near and dear to my heart and beliefs that I choose to live by. My wife Natalie and I try our best to run this company the same way we approach day to day life. We strive to be independent from the rest, innovative in ideology, intelligent in thought and iconic in stature. A common characteristic between each of these values is the letter i which is nothing more than a dot on a shaft when examined more closely. Many conclude that the name refers to the dot markers on the shafts of our high quality guitars but for us that perception is just a nice complimentary tie to our steadily growing business!”
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