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I was fortunate enough to win Last Month's giveaway draw. One if the items was a Dot on Shaft pedal. I picked the flanger.

I tried it in the effects loop of my new tonelab LE at rehearsal and was so impressed with it that I decided to use it at a gig this past Saturday, even though the Tonelab has a nice flanger built in.

Well, in all honesty it's a VERY nice sounding flanger. I've had many of the well known makes and this is as good as any I can recall and in fact is much quieter than several I've had.

It reminds me a bit of the Electric Mistress or ADA, but is quieter than either.

I was expecting a piece of junk like the Behringer delay I bought on a whim.

I can't comment on any on the other Dos pedals, but this one rocks!

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