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Well if we are moaning about delays, I don't like the BYOC delay I built that is supposed to model the old analog pink pedals. I also kick myself for having traded my DD-3 which at the time i never used for a used blues driver and still paying tax lol. The BYOC in my opinion does not handle gain well. If you want to play pink floyd and self oscilate its cool, if ya wanna get some hard rock delay, don't bother. I should probably just go back to the DD-3 and actually use it this time. Its been on Shenker's pedal board for years for a reason i suppose.

In my opinion , it would be nice if dot on shaft could get into a classic line like teles and strat style guitars. Maybe they have them and i missed them. The company name is a bit odd but then again, you won't be reading the name on the headstock when you listen to it.
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