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I don't see the problem with the name - am I missing a joke here?

I build, import and sell guitars myself so in the past 15 months I have been doing my homework on the whole guitar industry. Most of you would be suprised to find out how few of the guitars that you assume are made in North America really are truely made here. The government of China actually subsidizes musical instrument factories (among other manufacturers) so there is no way any company paying North American wages can compete with them. Indonesia, Korea and a few other overseas manufacturers are also selling guitars for cheaper than we can make them here.

So where does that leave us? Mike mentions on his website that he has spent alot of time and money sourcing out his products, I can assure you that this is not easy. I have spent thousands of dollars on sample orders from overseas guitar manufactures only to find out that 80% are pushing out total crap. Some of them look good, but have serious design flaws. Others look bad but play O.K., and alot of them are just plain bad. There is also a huge problem in getting something that is not a direct rip-off of another manufacturers guitar - possibly made at the exact same factory.

I am assuming that Mike's company does the same thing that I do, find a manufacturer that is willing to work with you and make a good quality product. Even after you arrive in this situation, you still have to reject 15% of every shipment due to damage or inconsistent quality. Every guitar has to be inspected, possibly modified to suit your needs, set up and intonated before it goes to market. The last thing you need is for a bad product with your name on it to reach the market.

The pedals that are being refered to here were sold at a reasonable price, I could see ripping into the company if they were overcharging for them but they didn't do that. Everything that I have heard about Mike and his company has been very positive, you have to respect that. He has no problem admitting that the delay pedal isn't all it's cracked up to be, so at least He's honest about it.

For the record, I have never met Mike and have nothing to do with his company, DotOnShaft. I just believe in giving credit where it's due.
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