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donations requested for music school in toronto

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In kind donations (giving things as opposed to money) in canada is something that will garner a tax receipt. for instance the average refund for donations valued over $200 are at 30% (IIRC).

that said, someone who donates a guitar that could show the receipt for the cost of the instrument will get a cash- after tax refund of 30%. in this case $150
{To put this into perspective: someone who earns an annual income equal to a 30% effective tax rate would have to earn $225 aprox to end up with an after tax amount of $150. $225 - (30% of $225) = $157.50}

anyway blablabla

I'm the music teacher at a school in toronto that is very poor. there are many talented students here.

if any of you would like to get rid of anything guitar, bass, amps, strings, percussion, literally anything at all I can accommodate and ensure that you get your receipt for value into the school board and get your tax receipt in the month of Feb. 2018

PM me for more details.

I encourage your to look into your bin as we really do need bass strings, guitar stings, reeds, bass and regular guitars, small practice amps.

the advantage is that they accept receipt from private sales. ex. kijiji dude gives you a receipt and that's what you hand in.

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Can we get some more info on this? Is this a public school or private? Program for school students or Street kids?

Would instruments that need a little bit of work be Acceptable?

How about instruments that aren't quite as common such as 12 string guitar's, keyboards etc.
Sure thing.

Grades 7-12

Ukuleles - guitars - basses - keyboards - patch chords - jack ends - picks - slightly used or even new strings - headphones. Mics. XLR cables,

Pa equipment.

Receipts are given when donati Na are made with a receipt. Even if it’s a second hand purchase.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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