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Does anyone still run a RealTube overdrive?

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I've had one I love for years now,using it for my main 'Black Crowes/Exile on Main St. type sound (at least that's what I'm shooting for!LOL!)
I've recently heard that some guys have found a much 'smoother' sound by swapping out the 12AX7 tube for a 12AU7 tube....Have any of you guys tried this,and if so,were you pretty happy with the results?


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I had an Allen SoulMate. Actually built it from his kit.

The 12AU7 swap, does exactly that. Fattens things up and smooths things out. You can also play with 12AT7s, 5751s or 12AY7s.
Cool,thanks for the info Jeff!

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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