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Hey all,

I was just reading a Josh Homme interview on the Maton Guitars site, and he made a crack about music uploaders...

"I don’t go down to the corner where they work & slap the dick outta their mouth..."

My question has nothing to do with Josh though. I heard that same line used by a comic burning down a heckler on Dice Clay's "St. Valentine's Day Massacre". I think the guy was the 2nd or 3rd comic in the show. His first joke was about the 1930's pink & black Cadillac that was part of the stage set..."Would the owner of the pink & black f*g-mobile please move your car - you're blocking the audience".

I've been trying to remember the comic's name for ages. Does anyone know?

If it helps, Paul Mooney was also on the bill...and he had to deal with a PITA heckler fact I think security removed the guy.

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