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I have a Teese Wizard RMC wah and I think it's fantastic. However, I ordered it in December of '05, and it took about 7 months for me to get it (had to be built by the man himself). I was going through a bit of a tonal transformation at the time. When I ordered, I was just coming out of a higher gain, hot pup, Les Paul Jerry Cantrell tone period, and am now in a Strat, tubescreamer clone setup (and loving it to death!).

Now the Wizard Wah, which is designed to sound fantastic in high gain (and it does, trust me), still sounds great in a lower gain setting, but I wonder how it would compare with something like the Picture Wah, or even a RMC I or II.

It's too bad I can't sit down and play with them. I'd totally consider getting another Teese wah to complement what I'm playing (whether it's a band or justa couple songs).
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