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Digital Reverb Pedal or Multiple Effects Pedal.

I am interested in getting a digital reverb effects pedal. I am not a big effects person but do love a good room or plate reverb.

I have narrowed it down to a Boss RV-3 or 5 Digital Reverb or going "way up" to the Boss ME-50B Bass Multiple Effects Pedal. The Digitech effects pedals look interesting from a price standpoint but not sure how they would last. I do not want a ton of effects that I will not use so it might be best to get a dedicated reverb pedal.

Have any of you bass players have any insight into this?

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The folks on the Seymour Duncan forum were all raving about the "Verbzilla" pedal. Not inexpensive but apparently an excellent pedal. Built like a tank (military tank...not reverb tank..LOL).

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