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Just thought I'd let you know that Surreal Machines is offering the Diffuse Delay effect, which regularly sells for $49.00, in VST/AU plugin formats for PC and Mac as a completely free download from their website until June 8th. Here's some information about it:

Diffuse is an analog/digital hybrid – an analog modeled delay fused with a classic reverb design used in early digital units. It's focused on the sound of classic hardware delay and reverb units of the 1970s and 1980s. In Diffuse you get more than the best of both worlds – you can morph between delays and reverbs, and find all kinds of fantastical sounds in between the two. You’ll also find plenty of nonlinearities and smooth tape-style delay changes. Diffuse gives you complete control over smearing, echoes and damping in the most intuitive ways possible.

The interface is organized into three control groups. The knobs on the left control the volume and the stereo width, the centrally positioned knobs control the delay time, feedback, and diffusion parameters, whereas the knobs on the right control the tone, modulation, and mix level. It is also possible to A/B test different settings, lock the mix level parameter (probably intended for live performances), and save presets internally for later use. The plugin includes a decent selection of factory presets to help new users get started.

If this sounds interesting, you can download your free copy of Diffuse Delay on the product page linked below. Your serial number will be delivered via email as soon as you register. To activate the plugin, copy your serial number and click the plugins user interface on first startup (it will detect the serial number and activate your license automatically).

You have to copy something like this to your clipboard: START|Firstname Lastname|[email protected]|#### ####-####-####|END
If you only copy the parts between START and END, or just the #### portion, it won’t work. It kind of threw me the first time around as I was just copying the serial number.

I've been trying the plugin this weekend and it's just mesmerizing. If you're into ambient/experimental guitar you'll really enjoy it.
Here's the link:

Dub Machines (Modnetic & Diffuse) (VST/AU) - Surreal Machines It's on the far right side of the website.
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