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The 808 seems a little smoother, less crunch. Not really huge differences until you hit the price. The boss SD-1 uses the same circuit board and a few mods can take it to the 808 sound. The mods made the pedal a little noisier but I liked the sound better than stock SD-1. I think that Diamond make the best OD pedal it's pricier but you get a boost pedal built in.A lot nicer than the tube screamer and dead silent.... gotta like that.

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i wish i could figger out how to get new post notifications sent to my e-mail.
it's a mohomods multi-screamer.
the pedal is in one of those large utility boxes, so, it might not be for everyones pedal board.
i've had it for about a month now. i also have a vintage TS9 that i have had for, um, decades.
a picture says a thousand words and all of the knobs and switches function much as U think they would. the 'hot' switch is not an 'oh my gawd' huge jump in output, just slightly more saturated. in fact, the differences between the different chips and pedal configurations are not all that dramatic. subtle, but important.
i'm finding it a great tool for recording. very easy to dial in a number of different 'tub scrubber' colours. i'm very happy w/ it.
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