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The widely anticipated Fractal Audio FM3--tones from the Axe FX III in a compact and modular format. Like new condition. I was on the waitlist for well over a year for this and by the time it was sent to me, although I had financially committed to it, other things came up (mainly an expensive move!). I've tried it out, it functions well with no hiccups (albeit I have not tested super extensively due to limited playing time over the last month). I've played along to audio running through my Apple Music and done some basic recording tests. I've also crafted some tones, etc. It still has the inspection hang tag on it and none of the plastic on the footswitch LEDs or main screen have been removed. Comes with original box. I can also include some Mooer footswitch toppers.

ON HOLD shipped via EMT. Happy to connect via email, phone, text, etc., if you have any questions or concerns!
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