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Dear Santa,
You know, what a year it’s been…
M’ma passed away last January while I was writing this song wich I ended up calling « Me and Mom ».
I miss her, she was so open hearted and always available to listen.
Since P’pa passed away 2 years ago, I am now the elder of the family, not even retired yet.
Then I became a first time grand father a few months ago,
All great and fine with me, but time…less time…left.
It’a good thing I found this lovely J-15, it’s been so good to me, so inspiring.
Anyway, I wish you could get me a nice L-200 Emmylou built with walnut fretboard and bridge instead of rosewood. ‘Cause I like the «All Sustainable North American Wood» idea,
If you can, that would be really cool.
But you know, thinking about it, I much prefer you use your energy providing for all the children in pain all around, even here, in a beautifull and rich country.
Yeah don’t even stop at my place, move on
OK so that’s it, I have to go now, delivering a few of my instruments I’m giving to Dr Julien’s social pediatric music school.
Hey I heard you have 4 skid-synchro drive on that rig now?
Yeah well, I know, Rudolph is getting old…hope you have a nice 2017 run…
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