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Dating my Boss Chorus Ensemble CE-1

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Don't have a pic to post just yet but i'm trying to find the production year for this pedal serial # 940146 any info would be appreciated thanks
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The history table I have of production timelines shows the CE-1 as in production until late 1984. I don't remember precisely where I got the table, but I believe it was from here: Boss Book: The Ultimate Guide to the World's Most Popular Compact Effects for Guitar (9780634044809): Hal Leonard Corp.: Books

I'm not disputing what the serial decoder has indicated. Just noting that the two sources differ. 1988 seems kinda late to me. The same chart indicates that the CE-2 stopped production at the end of 1982, and the CE-3 started production in late 1982. So, the idea that the CE-1 would have been produced at the same time as the DC-2 was in full swing, the CE-3 was starting to wind down, and the DM-3 had stopped production, seems kind of odd. Particularly, since the MN3002 that the CE-1 depended on was out of production at that point, and eclipsed by other chips, like the MN3004 and 3204.
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