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Dan and MIck get a full-page ad

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Page 47 in the current newstand issue of Premier Guitar (the pedal issue) has a full-page ad for That Pedal Show.
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Yep...there getting bigger and bigger. Good for them, I like these guys.
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As in...they put the ad up themselves?

They seem like nice guys, and there is value to some of the videos, but I hate the unjustified laughter. Their humour is garbage, but to be fair, most is.

Some of the guys on reverb can make me smirk.

Then again, maybe I'm just a bit of an asshole when it comes to this stuff.

edit: it's great that they can both play really well. tasteful stuff most of the time which puts them above the andertons guys.
Their web-series appears to be sponsored, so I'm guessing there was likely a "suggestion" from external voices.
Cool--also saw they have an appearance at a store in Minnesota coming up--would be cool to see them live
Plus they have a really good pedal
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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