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No Trades

Custom Tejas Tremolo $100 - $90 shipping included to ON and QC.
  • I can't recall where and when I got this from, but its from a small time builder in the USA. Not well known so the price reflects that fact.
  • No box
Mad Professor Golden Cello
& Delay SOLD

Mythos Chupacabra SOLD
  • The only pedal in the bunch without any velcro
  • With OEM box
Empress Buffer SOLD
- With OEM box

Kork Pitchblack Tuner SOLD
- No box



- All in excellent condition, per the picture. If you'd like more, reach out to me via private message and I can text them over.

- In person pick up from Gatineau-Ottawa area, or will ship out usually next day through Canada Post.

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