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I don't get much time to play or follow it anymore, but I do it when I can.

Favorite Players
Efren Reyes (the magician)
Shane Van Boening (the tactician)
Ronnie O'Sillivan (aka: major sass)

Lots of others, but those come to mind quickly.

Who are some of your favorites?

As far as playing goes, I'm certainly no pro. I've run racks here and there but I just can't put the time into getting the consistency needed to really excel.

I can usually plan patterns but misjudge a couple of shots and put myself out of position, ending the pattern early. That or running well but missing a shot along the way. I often run 4-5 balls then end up in a bad position and have to play a safety or try some crazy shot. I stick to vertical spin for cue ball control with the odd left or right english when absolutely necessary. Not good at compensating for squirt.

I hit the hall once a week for a couple of hours if the wife will let me. Years ago I played a lot more, but you know how it is... Business, children, life...

My current cues:

Players HXT - My current player. Been meaning to upgrade the shaft for a while but can't justify it with how little I play these days. For a budget cue, it is great. Wanted the HXT65, but the store was out of stock and they offered me this one as an alternative. (Canadian and nice to deal with).

Players JB6 - Break/Jump cue. Never jump, but love breaking with this over my playing cue or a house cue.

GAS exists in all hobbies and right now I'm jonesing for a new cue, or at least a new shaft. ;)

I like 8, 9, and 10 ball. I've been paying scratch pool lately to work on my carom aiming. Wanting to play some one pocket as well. Since I mostly end up alone, I generally just shoot drills and play patterns. No time for leagues anymore and I don't know any other players really... :(
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