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Hah, you won't get a Dime-ish tone from a Crate. You could probably pull off classic rock, but the high gain stuff will sound terrible. If $350 is your max price range, go with a modelling amp. I'm 100% against them if you can afford something all tube, but for $350 you can't beat it IMO.

I'm going to reccomend you buy a Vox AD30VT (avoid Line 6's Spider series, the Vox is 10x better)... $285 new... that can easily achieve decent high gain / classic rock tones. 30 watts, 11 amp models, 11 effects and it will sound a hell of a lot better than that Crate! I have yet to see one person who has played it completely hate it.

Listen / watch a great review video here:

Or, try and get your hands on a used Line 6 PODxt (they're $359 new)... they're pretty cool to practice with and sound decent. The advantage to these is the portability, great recording quality (thanks to the USB), very cool for practicing at night, like 30+ amp models, a ton of effects, built in tuner among many other things. I'll probably buy one of these next month.

If you need it for gigging, I say go for the Vox. If you're just looking for something to jam on / practice with, the PODxt is definetly your best bet IMO. That's my suggestion(s) anywho.
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