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Recently picked up these two overdrives. I've owned the Rage e before and really no surprises - great sounding for mid to high gain applications. Lots of gain on tap - I keep the gain control dimmer on the side panel at the minimum setting and it's plenty of gain for me - gain knob set to less than half and perfect for Soundgarden, STP stuff, lotsa gain. Sounds huge - I noticed that there is less noise when comparing to the Xotic unit ( Vemuram claims that the brass enclosure keeps unwanted noise to a minimum).

The Oz Noy AC/RC is also somewhat familiar as I've owned both individual pedals ( AC and RC booster) at different times. The AC side is a great sounding Overdrive and much more focused or mids compared to the Rage e. The RC side is where it shines for me as you can achieve a great Clean Boost and also, medium chunk by dialing the Gain at max. I definitely prefer the RC side but the AC is no slouch.

All in all, a couple great pedals. I like having a boost option on an Overdrive unit as it can be all in one solution (clean Boost, mid chunk and lead tones) in a small package.

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