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Anyone know where I can find:

- gold LP style toggle switch (preferably with the knob black, lol)

- 8 gold screws for pickup rings (probably come in packs of more than 8, no big deal)

- EMG PA2 mini toggle switch

- 3 gold screws for truss rod cover

- black (with double white binding kind of thing around it) LP style pickguard with gold hardware / screws to go with it

Last of the hardware I need to find for my Les Paul before I start tearing it apart and putting all new on it... can't wait!

Preferably looking for a Canadian site to avoid custom fees and shit, I checked out Guitar Parts Canada and they've got everything I need but the few I listed above (atleast I couldn't find them on there).

Any help is greatly appreciated... this stuff shouldn't be too expensive since it's all small, but price isn't an issue. Hell, I've already got about $400 worth of parts sitting here, currently being shipped or already installed. It'll be worth it though, guitar was only $350 and it plays better than anything I've ever touched... and I've touched lots, lol.

Thanks guys.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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