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faracaster said:
I was in Victoria this past weekend and dropped into a small guitar shop. There was three amps in there built by a fellow named Cory, whose company name is Corybilt.
I tried a tweed Deluxe clone with power scaling (very cool). A low powered tweed twin clone (even cooler) and the best of all was a little 20(?) watter with 2 x 6v6's built into an old Legend amp cab. What a smokin' little amp ! I would have bought it on the spot if I'd had the dough. I hope to get it if I can move some gear and it is still available.
This guy seems like he really has his stuff together. Anyone know anything about this builder or where I can get in touch with him ????

Pete, was the Corybilt an original amp or was it pretty much deluxe inspired?
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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