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I have a mex 60's reissue strat and am looking to do some upgrades to the electronics.
First I want to get new POTS and switches, then I’ll do the pickups.
I want to order my parts from “Guitar Parts Canada” but I am not %100 on what to get.
I was going to get three “CTS - 250K Audio Pots”. Is this going do the trick for the volume and tone? Or are the tone pots different?
And I was going to get the “5-Way Super Switch”.

Are these good choices? I see some other options for both pots and switches and there isn’t much, if any description on the difference… eg: 5 Way Switch For Strat , CTS - 250K Linear Pot, etc.

Are there any other components besides the actual pickups I need to replace in the wiring harness? Caps, wire, etc?
Any suggestions are appreciated.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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