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ALL SOLD. Thanks Nova Scotia!

Pedals in excellent shape, original owner of the Gladio + Flint. Velcro on Flint + Blackhawk. All prices include shipping.

Cornerstone Gladio SC w/box + paperwork: $OLD

Grey Gas Font Circle Metal

Strymon Flint w/box + paperwork: $OLD

Can throw in a Strymon Favourite switch for $20.

Audio equipment Wood Font Gadget Circle

Blackhawk Amplifiers Custom Treble Booster + Harmonic Energizer: $OLD

Gas Circle Composite material Wood Font Circuit component Passive circuit component Hardware programmer Electronic instrument Audio equipment

Preference to sell, but some trades I'd look at:

Benson Fuzz
Benson Preamp
Analogman Sunlion
Kingsley Harlot (v3 preferred)
Boss FZ-2
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