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I've been looking for a nice 25½" scale C shaped neck and found one this morning. Real cheap and bonus ... it's attached to a Jay Turser JT300 Vintage Series Stratocaster copy body with trimmings. Just got it the studio and plugged it in. Nice tone, but bridge and middle pups are squealers. It needs a good clean up over and under the pickguard. Scratchy pots and switch. Might have to rethink those.

That neck is one good chunk of wood with nice frets. No sharp ends and intonation is good. Neck might get shimmed to lower the action, or maybe I'll shave the heel. Doesn't need much. Bridge is solid dense metal. I haven't opened up the back yet to look at the block.

Body is thick and heavy, I'd say near 8lbs. If I remember my research, it's not plywood and might be mahogany on those Vintage. Once under the spotlight, I discovered it has a real deep blue flame. I'll see if it's veneer or a cap when I go inside. I didn't see the flames before, it's so dark.

Anyway, nice project and here are some pics.

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Cool--if you like it--that makes it worthwhile--especially if it was a bargain.

Looks like bacon on this pic.

Now you're making me hungry
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